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Web Arrow Development Agency

Web development agency based in France, we design websites in France and internationally. We specialize in WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel, React and headless CMS technologies.

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Our main skills

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About the Company

We’re a Web Development Agency based in France

With extensive experience in France and abroad, we develop websites using PHP (WordPress, PrestaShop, Laravel) and javascript (JS, react, etc...) technologies.

We speak French and English.

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Full control on your budget

Hourly or project billing?
With project-based invoicing, you can be sure of staying within your budget.

Another advantage is that project meetings via google meet, teams are not billed. So you can invite us to various project meetings: daily, retro, review, planning, etc. without impacting your project budget.
PM can contact us anytime for free if they have questions.
This gives project managers flexibility and freedom.

The developer's calendar is shared with you to facilitate your planning.

Why Choose Us

Arguments that make all the difference

Competitive rates

Payment by the hour or by project. You can be sure of staying within your budget.

Free meetings

We don't charge for meetings (daily scrum, retrospective, review, planning, etc.). You can call us anytime for free.

Costing of your projects

Free costing of your projects

Access to my agenda

You can see when I'm working for you.

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